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  3. Fully off topic

  4. Hello, In this topic we woud like to explain how to get VIP on our Deathrun Servers. You will need to make a payment of 'x' ammount of money (see the bottom for the exact amount) to this PayPal adress: CONTACT @OrK!DeA In the information of payment, put your ingame GUID and mention 'VIP'. What do you get with VIP ? ! - The VIP status will give you acces to both (2) VIP menu's (Amnesia's Deathrun & Xenia's Deathrun) for the duration of your payment - ! Amnesia's Deathrun -Exclusive Weapons: ·P226 Special ·M7 Special ·M93 Sniper ·Dagger Special ·Brick Gun ·Ray Gun ·Desert Eagle ·Sycth -Exclusive Characters: ·Elysium ·Predator ·R2D2 ·NoArms ·Vanquish ·Gang Leader ·Old Man ·Gang Soldier 1 ·Gang Soldier 2 ·Soldier 3 ·Cat Woman ·Ryder ·Hulk ·Hitler ·Umbreon ·Misterfour -Exclusive Visions: ·Promod ·Chrome ·Cartoon ·Rainbow ·Normal -Exclusive Functions: ·Spawn All ·Spawn Me Xenia's Deathrun -Exclusive Weapons: ·Zebra Deagle ·Red Deagle ·Cyan Deagle ·Blue Deagle ·Green Deagle ·Cyan Squared Deagle ·Hearts Deagle ·Gravity Gun (not abuseable) -Exclusive Characters: ·Goku ·Batman ·Spiderman ·Iron-Man ·Hulk ! - The VIP status will give you acces to both (2) VIP menu's (Amnesia's Deathrun & Xenia's Deathrun) for the duration of your payment - ! VIP Price - Duration € 5 ,00 -1 Month € 9 ,00 - 2 Months € 13,00 - 3 Months € 16,00 - 4 Months € 20,00 - Lifetime / Unlimited Feel free to ask any questions via replying to this topic, private messaging or Forum-Chat !
  5. Admin Application

    I'll hold my vote for now. Aswell would like to see you in our Teamspeak and Discord more often Teamspeak ip -ts3.xenia-gaming.net And discord link -Click here!!
  6. Admin Application

    I'm trying to be all day on ts3 about discord idk how to join i don't have any link
  7. oCm vs TC#

    Ok this are first and still last screenshots from knife wars. hope te see some more of them!
  8. Admin Application

    +1 from me. but waiting see u at teamspeak as well or discord.
  9. Admin Application

    1)What is your first name ? Jacob 2)What is your in-game name ? Prawy 3)How old are you ? 16 4)For which position do you wish to apply ? Admin 5)What is your B3 (Command System used on our servers) number ?@2694 idk is it still same but it was 1 year ago 6)What makes you a good admin ?I'm all day waiting for players to make this server again alive... 7)Have you ever been an admin before, if yes then which clan(s) or communit(ies)y ?I was once an admin in the Oblivion clan. But it was not in call of duty 4 only 1 8)If no then the question is, in which clan(s) or communit(ies)y have you been ?Oblivion 9)Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be an admin ? I'm a nice player, but sometimes I use ugly words but I'm working on it. I know quite a lot of people on the server and a lot of them like me. I'm doing fine as admin.I just want to be again because it was a really nice experience.
  10. New Server is up!

    Ok so here are all 3 mods which we has been popped up lately. star wars mod, kill if u can futuristic shooting mod, and sniper only mod with cod2 custom snipes.
  11. New Server is up!

    Just got back from football match. Mod should be uploaded to our current database within next 5 minutes
  12. New Server is up!

    may the force be with u boiz and girls
  13. New Server is up!

    Hello! Ok i did deside to put up for fun this Starwars mod. (ip of the server : EDIT Another new mod which are pretty fun ;P (ip of the server : Again EDIT we have now 3 mod as well its basickly sniper only mod with custom cod2 snipes + if people wants there can be opened cod4 stock snipes as well (Stock snipes added as well) . (ip of the server :
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