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  1. Python programming

    Hello there folks, long time no speak/topic/forum? Anyways, I've been studying here and there with school and currently I am learning to program with Python at school and home. Beside Python I study also networking (subnetting and Cisco stuff), Server managing, etc. But we are here for the Python help. The main subject for this little project is that I want to make a small "guessing game" as training. How the game works: The game starts with a small storyline and then the program asks how many seconds you need to think for the number that you're about to guess it. After putting the number, the program starts to countdown with a live timer. But the problem is, the program stays with the live timer, doesn't continue with the rest of the code which I'm itching about it how to fix that. But once this is fixed the game should start, you need to guess the number with only 2 guesses (or lifes how ever you see it). For now I am using greater than and less than function to see if this would work when you enter the right or false number. But seems like what ever number you put in, it will see as a "positive" answer. But it should be that the answer is good or false, good leads of course to you've won the game and false leads to the second guess and from the second guess leads to, Game Over. So here is my code to those who want's to see it: #Print() = print something #Integer() = whole numbers --> 5 #Floats = numbers after the comma --> 5.0/5,0 #Strings "" = text --> "Hello World" #Input() = a user can type something in it # ######################################################################### #Introduction storyline a = "Welcome! Press \"Enter\" to start the game" print(a) input() #this should be empty, this leads to the variable "a" from the first line of the code ---> Press enter to start the game print("First.. a story") print("Once there was a legend that could guess a number without hesitating, but is that legend true, are you the legend? Let's find out!\n") #timer before the game starts import time while True: uin = input(">>How many seconds do you need to guess? Enter here: ") try: when_to_stop = abs(int(uin)) except KeyboardInterrupt: break except: print("Not a number!") while when_to_stop > 0: m, s = divmod(when_to_stop, 60) h, m = divmod(m,60) time_left = str(h).zfill(2) + ":" + str(s).zfill(2) print(time_left + "\r", end="") time.sleep(1) when_to_stop -= 1 print() #Core code b = float (input("Guess your number from 0 to 100:")) c = 3 ** 2 d = c == 9 if d > 9: print("You guessed wrong!\n") else: print("One more chance:") if d < 9: print("You guessed wrong!\n") else: print("Game Over!") Thank you for reading and helping me
  2. Mi mi mi mi Thanks to u I got this song in my head once again lol
  3. Handy VBS file (RAM Checker)

    Hello, This post is about a VBS script that I've found some where on Reddit. This script is about to check your RAM, which DDR type your have, slots, etc. Look for the image that I uploaded here down below for a example. The way how it works is, you execute the file by double clicking it. When the file boots up, it will ask for your computer name. Type this in the text field. To check your computer name, go to System. Which can be located here: EASY WAY: 1) Go to your File Explorer 2) Go to My PC or This PC (usually left side some where) 3) Right mouse click and click on Properties 4) In there you will find your computername ADVANCED WAY: 1) On your keyboard: WindowsButton + R. A box will show up 2) Type: msinfo32 3) Press enter of course 4)Search for Username in the list 5) You need the name before the \ so not after. Also you do NOT need the \. For example: MyWeirdComputerName\TEST. You need the yellow part and not the rest. Once you have found your computer name, type it in and press enter. After that you get your information about the RAM. I uploaded the VBS file, look down below. *FILE DOWNLOAD* --->RAM-Checker.vbs
  4. Inactive cuz of a surgery

    Good luck! , you will get alot of icecream to eat as well! haha
  5. Nexii's Admin Application

    Exceptions can be made for the age, remember that @OrK!DeA,@gENZand the rest of the admin staff. You don't know me probably but, me and @wuzziefuzzyare the original leaders of Xenia-Gaming. But we resigned as we're too busy with our life and school. -Good luck on ur application
  6. Admin application.

    lol +1
  7. Even though the game is 16+ or 18+ , you're a kid as well but more adult sided. But yeah u cannot forbid kids to play the game :> But good luck with the app!
  8. mp_dr_never

    If you really want a constructive critisism about mapping then read the following: 1) Do not rush your maps, take time for it to build. This map is trash in my eyes. And that for a second map. 2) "There is one spot where you can glitch, but everyone who does that gets personally banned by me". How about fix your map before releasing it?.. If you're gonna ban people for your own fault I am gonna demote you. You just simply cannot say do not glitch because I was lazy to fix it. Heck I want to glitch now because why not, it's the fault of the map maker. 3) Make something unique if you have the passion for it. Try to make something good. 4) Repeat the steps.
  9. mp_dr_kris_v2

    Huge improvement, good job
  10. mp_dr_nerulifarenzea

    Some screenshots would be nice to see
  11. Admin Application

    Admin Staff, Respond to this person please. Also I would say yes from what I read here. But as I don't know you as I do not play COD4 anymore, my vote does not count. So you need to wait for the ones who are active in this community.
  12. Dear Members, Xenia-Gaming wishes you a happy new year! I wish you a good health and luck in 2017. Don't drink too much, haha I want to thank everyone in this community, you guys are wonderful. Without you the community Xenia-Gaming wouldn't excist much longer! I hope we will grow bigger, even in other games when it's possible. Enjoy your night/day.
  13. Best smartphone OS

  14. StrafeY's Test Admin Application (or Sergeant)

    How about no.
  15. >>NEW<< Tournament #2

    Fk ya kent.
  16. TCPView

    That small picture... can't see shit lmao. But nice program.
  17. How to connect to someones pc remotely

    You were almost there @Druglord haha :p, edited for you
  18. Best smartphone OS

    Actually it depends which one is the best. As for Symbian it's actually pretty shit as no one uses it and doesn't develop that much. But IOS and Android, both are good. I find the Android slightly more better because of the performance and thepossibilities what you can do with it. But on the other hand, IOS is better with having the same speed without lagspikes. Almost never crashes (the IOS) or the apps, goes fluently. Also the apps on IOS are decent, enough to download but Android has slightly more apps. Also the IOS is much more secured, actually almost impossible to unlock the phone if someone logged in with their iCloud account. Even though the iPhones are too expensive for its hardware, they have a nice software So yeah it depends, but I would go for Android as it has much more options than the IOS.
  19. Teamspeak 3

    What do you mean, it's easy if you follow the instructions properly Also @Keddy.nice tutorial/information for those who don't know yet , I pinned the topicso that it stays on the top.
  20. >>NEW<< Tournament #2

    +1 Why not
  21. Infinite Warfare Giveaway (4 MP 2x XP Codes)

    Sure, do it. Just gave the link in case no one knew that Xenia has a own YT channel
  22. Infinite Warfare Giveaway (4 MP 2x XP Codes)

  23. Infinite Warfare Giveaway (4 MP 2x XP Codes)

    If you want a huge tip for Youtube, get your Youtube more updated more like this:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzwv8v1nKyUJWj1UPzM8ag Look some tutorials on Youtube how to have a better youtube channel, this will improve alot. Also use tags, like: #gaming, #Call of Duty, #Commentary, #Trolling and so on. The tags will help the search better so that the videos that you make can be more easier been shown to the people for what they are searching for. I hope this helped you a bit Also the success to Youtube is to be creative and have social network, once you dominate this you will join the small success until you grow bigger Also I don't join the giveaway as I don't have COD IW nor I don't want to have that shitty game xd.