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  1. Christmas Tournament Results!!

    Good job @DarkSTEP
  2. Christmas Tournament!!

    Sorry don't count me in, wifi is killing me and is making it unplayable. Sorry.
  3. Christmas Tournament!!

    Ok, thank you!
  4. Christmas Tournament!!

    Btw is this 8:00pm in London time? Just checking
  5. Making a story

    Once in awhile someone told gENZ thathe and his boyfriend raped a littlegirl namedIsis. nUKA thentried tosuck a big fat dildo but he didn't have a mouth to put the dildo, so he did put inhis ass. After some jxk calledDarkSTEP to kill bitches with hisbig dick but Maris decided it wasnt bigenough, so they made it bigger with ahand pump and Like this
  6. Introduction


    Omfg! GG indeed, gg top 3 and gg everyone
  8. Introducing my self.

  9. 5th Tournament Announcement (starting 28-04-2017)

    I should be able to make it,+1! EDIT: Sorry, don't add me to tournament, I have to go out and I only found out eariler, sorry /: gl all
  10. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    +1 Such a kind, helping, mature person. I wish you the best of luck my friend!
  11. Mapping error

    Okay, I understand I'm annoying asking for help all the time, but I'm getting this error while compiling bsp: Expression: diskBrushModels[modelIndex].numBrushes || diskBrushModels[modelIndex].numSurfaces || (diskBrushModels[modelIndex].triSoupCount[TRIS_TYPE_LAYERED] && diskBrushModels[modelIndex].triSoupCount[TRIS_TYPE_SIMPLE]) Module: C:\Users\Leo\Desktop\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\bin\cod4map.exe File: .\bsp.cpp Line: 343 Screenshot:https://gyazo.com/5e039fe73577af658eb1a5a2bfe86686 I've looked through my map, I don't see anything wrong with the brushes, or anything.. thanks.
  12. Call of Duty 4 problem rank

    Here's a way to fix, join TeX deathrun, *I'm not saying to play it*, it will ask you to install 1.8, install it. It should be fixed.

    thank you! and gg dark C: