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  1. School shit

    Right so this period in school is really important for my degree/education or whatever, and this week and next week is test week, and I need to get good grades so that the next school i choose i can up my degree.education up another level,So i probably wont me on as much, or even on at all, Just so you guys now
  2. Raidokaze iz a smellie gei lil bab

    I’ve already edited it once, can’t do it again, I also missed out on some minor information but oh Well
  3. Raidokaze iz a smellie gei lil bab

    ~~~B3 number is @4451, I've reinstalled cod4
  4. Raidokaze iz a smellie gei lil bab

    quick note.I'm not a trap i swear
  5. 1)What is your first name ? Rik (but i prefer Rick lel) 2)What is your in-game name ? Raidokaze / Malwarebytes *sometimes i use that name aswell because#WHYNOT? 3)How old are you ?13.. *yes. I. know...* 4)For which position do you wish to apply ? 40/70, though, i'd take a lower position if offered : ) 5)What is your B3 (Command System used on our servers) number ? @3701.. i think that's what this question is about.... 6)What makes you a good admin ?I obey the rules, I'm active, I try to be as friendly as possible *while still being myself, not like a fake persona*, I've had some expierences with admin before, Not only on cod but also other games. I tend to be as social aspossible aswell, Though that sounds like normal, I'm SUPER shy so that's why... Though i do have some downsides, such as raging... *alot*, and i am low tempered due to diseaseswhich I wont say, I've been working on that for the last 5 years in special training and such : ). And also my english isn't very good, I'm Dutch although for my age it's above average, I really dont think it's that good. yes. im really insecure. 7)Have you ever been an admin before, if yes then which clan(s) or communit(ies)y ?I probably was but i can't remember because it was like 2 years ago 8)If no then the question is, in which clan(s) or communit(ies)y have you been ?Long time member on boss, that's all i can remember really. I've probably been admin and members on some other servers a few years ago but that's all i know really. #RipBoss :c 9)Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be an admin ?Tbh there is no reason you SHOULD choose me, Because that's a desiscion, but well emm. I play on this server basically always when i have time, i'm always on the Teamspeak server, This server is also really friendly, I doubt any of you remember me but i played on xenia and or amn like 1/2 years ago. I also will play alot of this server since.. wel... #ripboss *lel*.