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  1. Website Database

    Hallo everyone, Today there was a problem with the website, the database was full so we decided to clean that bitch up. After we cleanedthe database, there may be problems reacurring. If you find any pls contact us on teamspeakor on the forum, Contact: @OrK!DeA@gENZTheywill awnser all your prayers.
  2. Nexii's Admin Application

    Bosnian, if your to bussy with your life then why do you have time to talk nonsense? just leave it to orki and the rest pls. and lets talk about this on skype..
  3. Application for being admin

    -1 no begging. (if im able to vote :D)
  4. 28this is so cool :D
  5. Destroy BOB

    Bod was hit by a car and flyed back on the roof
  6. >>NEW<< Tournament #2

    im not sure if i will be there but anyways a +1 for Nepo
  7. Llama's Application

    Voted: Yes, he is a great admin and a nice one to. so i will be happy to add you as admin.
  8. Tournament Info!

  9. i do i will contact you on skype
  10. admin

    As of today i will close this post, Becuase we think that you are not active enough on the server.