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  1. Hello guys, I am Viking, the developer of the 'Kill the King' mod (short KtK) for CoD4 and I would like to create a sexy femal player model. There is some pretty cool stuff on cfgfactory you guys have created and therefor I wanted to ask if you could help me out. I got the Cod4 rig into the model (wasn't that easy cuz I am a noob, and the model was in t-pose) but I have absolutely no idea how to get the paint weight to work. The model deforms when i play an anim on it ... It would be really epic if you could either redo it (the source was a simple obj file) because my rig is not perfectly centered, or help me out with the paint weights. Here's a picture of the female model that you know what I am talking about. Best regards and thanks in advance. Viking