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    Hi there! Figured I should make an introduction thread cause I hadn't bothered since I first joined some time ago. My name's Jordy, I'm 17 (turning 18 this November) and I'mBelgian (yes, beer, waffles, fries, chocolate etc.). I just graduated from secondary school and I'll be attending college in September (first year 'till first half of the second yearis general IT, second half of the second year I can pick software development specifically). I'm quite known in the CoD4 and WaWcommunities (aliases include JR-Imagine, Slaya and recently started using atrX/AtriX as my main username), mostly for the mods and maps I've made. I occasionally upload some stuff to my YouTube channel (link's on my about me pageif you're interested) but I'm not all thatactive. Aside from being a modder/mapper and the YouTubez I also run my own community (previously CoDScript, but I killed that off and used the database for something new). TL;DR: I make wins, bow down to me. Any questions? Fire away. So yeah, hi. :3