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  1. Fully off topic

  2. DarkSTEP is op

  3. Fully off topic

    cant stop dabbin
  4. Fully off topic

    still dabbing
  5. Fully off topic

  6. @Ghoststop interrupting the countdown. 1
  7. Making a story

    Once in awhile someone told gENZ thathe and his boyfriend raped a littlegirl namedIsis. nUKA thentried tosuck a big fat dildo but he didn't have a mouth to put the dildo, so he did put inhis ass. After some jxk calledDarkSTEP to kill bitches with hisbig dick but Maris decided it wasnt bigenough, so they made it bigger with ahand pump and thenretry to makebitches wet andfailed miserably thenthey went to coffe but foundkeddy with a gun named RPG that fucked up everyone.FishDaRekter did masturbatein front of Druglord sopolice got him and moved him tojail where hefound atransgender who jumped on him for some party( ass party ),after nightthey met withNepo and Orkidea who werearguin about cheat, roccatbitches. ("DarkSTEP"). One dayafterDarkSTEPscooped out nUKAfrom a tower with DarkM9, but him fucked up with godmodeabuse andbanned pizzadeliveryguy#1
  8. Fully off topic

    didn't know donatello was a nigerian rapist, this is striking fear among people.