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  1. Admin application

    yeah but i stop. i did ths yust cuz i was borred. i delete binds for lagjump, (but i didnt spam??) my little brother did insult than? i will get him away from my computter than. anyway ty for vote.
  2. Admin application

    1) What is your first name? Anna 2) What is your in-game name? Chaoticx 3) How old are you? I am 17. 4) For what server do you apply? I apply for Amnesia's 5) What is your B3 number? (that is the system which you use the commands in-game) It's @2286 6) Do you have Steam? Yes i had but i forget password. 7) What makes you a good admin? I can help to other, i rly like ths server, i can get more peoples to ths server, i like to meet new friends, i can make server better ( but is already rly good server)... 8) Have you ever been a admin before, if yes then which clan or community was it: I was in BW , SR , fF (i remember long name only for SR = Sky Runners). 9) If no then the question is, in which clan or communities have you been? 10) What for skills do you have: I am good at noscope from rly long distance. I am gaminggirl. 11) Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be a admin: I am good at helping to peoples, I can bring more people to server, I am honest person and i always say the truth, I am loyal to the clan, I like to help people and make them a better person, i learned from my mistakes, I like to meet new friends. mby i can pay our server sometimes...