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  1. 1)What is your first name? Lay`S2)What is your in-game name? [TR]Nigga3)How old are you? 184)For what server do you apply? Amnesia deathrun5)What is your B3 number? (that is the system which you use the commands in-game) My number@22436)Do you have Steam? Yeap i have steam7)What makes you a good admin? Helpfull8)Have you ever been a admin before, if yes then which clan or community was it:I have never been an administrator on any server before.9)If no then the question is, in which clan or communities have you been?10)What for skills do you have: im not have any skills 11)Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be a admin: Because im very want this and i believe i will be a good admin.