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  1. Change A Letter

    Lures [ P = L ]
  2. Change A Letter

    Cures [ B = R ]
  3. Change A Letter

    Cures [ B = R ]
  4. Change A Letter

    Cubed [ R = B ]
  5. Change A Letter

    Cared [ O = A ]
  6. creating models with out (maya)

    Also, AutoDesk Inventorcould be an option? The program allows you to be in total control and make just about anything you can think of with ease after practice, and is definitely an easy program to understand. https://www.autodesk.com/education/free-software/inventor-professional
  7. Change A Letter

    Coded [ C = D ]
  8. Destroy BOB

    Bob smashes roof tile after roof tile over his head, eventually killing himself.
  9. Super fun map to play, good job also for a first map. You did a good job with it You should make more in the future!