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    All praise Tallinn's lord and saviour Edgar "Suhvisuhr" Savisaar.
  5. What's good, fam? You can call me Rex. I'm one of those guys who sits in the back of the class and still plays Yu-Gi-Oh and watches anime from his childhood, such as Yu-Gi-Oh. I'm not nearly rich enough to have any consoles except my trusty 3DS. I also can't afford any games. The only thing I can afford are cheap games and Blizzard games, and that's totally not because I have favoritism towards a certain game company or anything. Nope... I personally know Druglord, so I guess you could call me the hypothetical cool kid around the theoretical block. I look forward to being here in this community and getting to know some chill people. If you wanna know anything about me, just lemme know. With love, yaboiii WhitefangRex