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  1. Admin?

  2. Admin?

    What? I made a mistake ok ?? you dont have to make fun
  3. Admin?

    Ye sorry i just wanted to reply
  4. Admin?

  5. Admin?

    And one more thing i was playing on Xenia dr but my rank is gone.. i was 20lvl just to tell you iam not new player iam an old player of xenia ^^
  6. Admin?

    Hey There! My real name is Tadej My ingame name is Tadislo Iam 15 years old I wanna apply for Xenia Deathrun Yes i have steam. My name is Tadislo Iam friendly...I can help... I admit it i did said noob to a one person or two... but i apologized and i didnt said again Yes i was admin in [DJS]=DontJustShoot...[f|F]=Furious Fighters... and more... I Iam good at pc gaming iam good at football I dont know if you will choose me but I am good person Thank You! -Tadej