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  1. Regarding me and my stay here

    Greetings. So first of all I would like to kindly ask you to delete/ close my application. This decision does not have to do with the community or its members. I have decided to generally quit gaming. Some recent life events which I cannot tell here have made me think and I have come to the conclusion that I had better leave gaming apart and live my life. I might still periodically come back and play to remember the old good days here... I would also like to say a huge thank you to every single member of this community for being with me during my stay here and leaving me full of pleasing memories. I love you all and I hope we will meet again one day. Your sincerely, Thomas P.S. I would like to leave something behind that points to me before completely quitting so I am planning to finish the map I have started and post it here when finished so you can add it on the rotation.
  2. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    Okay! Thanks for taking time to read anyway
  3. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    Any feedback is accepted, this is your opinion so no problem!
  4. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    Thanks for your vote and nice to hear that!
  5. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    Hi and thanks for your upvote! I am online but I sometimes turn in spectator mode as I am working on my map or I am doing some other things on my pc. However, I often minimize everything and turn back to the game ^^ So perhaps you'll soon see me playing
  6. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    Thank you m8!!
  7. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    Thank you Darky!
  8. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    Thank you my friend! Always here for whatever you need!
  9. AlpHA's Admin Application (:

    It's true that we haven't played or talked much but I hope this changes it the near future
  10. After being around for a decent amount of time, I believe that I have potential as an admin and that I can help the community. So I decided to apply. Here's my application: NOTE: Please read carefully, as my answers to questions 6) and 9) somehow complete each other, thank you (: 1) What is your first name ? Thomas 2) What is your in-game name ? AlpHA 3) How old are you ? 19 4) For which position do you wish to apply ? Admin / Sergeant, level totally depends on you but I wouldn't like to be greedy, I believe 40 is OK for now. 5) What is your B3 (Command System used on our servers) number ? @2968 6) What makes you a good admin ? First of all, I do not like being an arrogant and selfish. I am a mature, modest, kind person, who can handle situations without losing his temper. I am fair, respectful and honest and I have never argued with anyone, I prefer to solve any problems I have with someone by discussing about them. Moreover, I am very active, especially on TeamSpeak and on the Forums but also in the game. Which means I can be contacted at almost any time of the day and I will be immediately there, willing to help everyone, from newcomers to experienced players. As I mention below, I have gained much experience from other clans regarding admin-related decisions (i.e. bans, administration of justice) and the fact that I have maintained my own server has boosted this experience even further. In addition, I am a fluent English speaker and writer so I can easily communicate with almost anyone who speaks English (if this actually counts as an advantage ). 7) Have you ever been an admin before, if yes then which clan(s) or communit(ies)y ? Yes, I have been in IceOps Clan for a while where I had some powers and I have helped as an admin in C4S, when they were on their peak, years ago, before they expanded so much... Anyway, I also used to host and maintain my own, local, dedicated server for LAN parties and tournaments, especially focused around Promod. 8) If no then the question is, in which clan(s) or communit(ies)y have you been ? Already answered above ^^ 9) Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be an admin ? This question could partially be answered by what I said in 6) so take that into account . Nevertheless, being part of a community as a member or admin is not only for using your powers to keep the servers clean. I have gained much experience over the years on how Radiant, Mod Tools and generally CoD4 Clients and Servers work. I am open-minded and I always think outside the box, thus, I can help you come up with new ideas about maps, plugins or other stuff for the Servers or for the community and also contribute in bringing them into life. And it does not stop there, if there is a problem with the servers or the website, I will also be able to help in fixing it. Furthermore, I have knowledge of many programming languages, such as SQL, C# and Java (they are identical ) and the basics of C++, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. All of these languages can be helpful at some instances, don't you think? ^^ What's more, I have edited dozens of videos and created many intros using Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. So if the community or a member starts a YouTube channel, I will be able to help in editing their videos. Finally, I am very friendly and I have a great sense of humor, without insulting anyone, I like teamwork and I am able adapt to different 'conditions' easily. This was my application guys (wish me luck ), thanks for the time you devoted in reading it. I am looking forward to your feedback and vote Best Regards
  11. Mapping error

    Hey, you are not annoying at all, if you need help don't hesitate to ask the community ^^ . Regarding the error, it is too general and as I see it, it can be caused by anything inside your map so if anyone else knows a way to figure out the brush(es) causing this could help. One thing I can think now is reflection_probe, check if it touching any brushes or if it is going through them.
  12. I also need ideas, two days and my map only has a single room, can't think at all I have even named it mp_deathrun_noimagination