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  1. Admin Application~Asimakis

    Τσιμπουκια τους έκανες ρε μαλακα ;
  2. RasLaBoN hacker!!!

    Wait what ? RasLaBON is my old IGN
  3. Admin application

    Good luck m8 ! Nice topic

    Congratulations everyone
  5. I'm back ppl

    Hello everyone I'm making this topic to tell that I'm totally fine , the surgery was 100% success and after being inactive for a long time it's time to play ! See you in ts
  6. Inactive cuz of a surgery

    Βthanks guys on 2 days I will be ok and new ❤
  7. Inactive cuz of a surgery

    Thank you all for the Support ❤
  8. Inactive cuz of a surgery

    Hello guys I know I'm little be inactive those days... and that's because I'm sick... I need to remove my tonsils because they are full on pus... so I have to do a surgery and I will be offline a lot of days. I will try to stay online on the site. I hope you understand my situation With love @Panos
  9. xDivision's Level 70 Application

    Gl dude ❤
  10. My Introduction.

    Hello dude welcome I hope I can speak with ya
  11. Hi

    Hey Dude ❤ Bing me the YaYo and the weed
  12. Fully off topic

  13. Hello from @Panos

    @xDivisionme2 dude! I'm sub of you ❤
  14. Hello from @Panos

    @DarkSTEP yes