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  1. Christmas Tournament!!

    +1 How right, so now I will in 15-17th there be, I will remember nowthe tournament
  2. Map Suggestions

    I have found more maps what on the gungame perfectly working here is the map lists: mp_ancient_ultimate (there are a old version's map too) mp_blue_wild_west mp_complex mp_harbor_v2 mp_hhk_ballroom mp_lpost (Actually in the lpost map have a old map version) mp_modern_rust mp_sab mp_toybox4 mp_uber mp_uprise mp_wizard mp_woodland_beta3 mp_xi_jordan
  3. +1 Of course that i will join to tournament
  4. NEW End-Songs in GunGame

    Me like it number 3 music the other musics is not so good for me!
  5. #10th Tournament Results!!!

    wow! I'm 2nd that's nice congrats to david
  6. #9th Tournament Results!!!

    Congrats Dark twice, it is already second winner which you successful doing in tour.
  7. #8th Tournament Results!!!

    Congrats dark!!!!!!!!
  8. I do not know exactly but it's okay to be there? Because I also want to join in tournament. +1 Because the previous i won the 6th tournament. And therefore i want knowing about that