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  1. Regular convos with Davidian

  2. Regular convos with Davidian

    And he still knew it's prank Smart Asi
  3. Regular convos with Davidian

    Maaaan I don't need this shit XDDD Go check this one:High school musical go my own way lyrics
  4. #10th Tournament Results!!!

  5. #10th Tournament Results!!!

    Ty dark
  6. #10th Tournament Results!!!

    Ty guys ^^ Gg U were Rly good too
  7. #10th Tournament Results!!!

  8. Making a story

  9. #9th Tournament Results!!!

    GG Guys ^^ And Gj Dark
  10. #8th Tournament Results!!!

    N1 Dark
  11. 8th Tournament Announcement (starting 07-07-2017)

    +1 Let's do it