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  1. StrafeY's Test Admin Application (or Sergeant)

    My B3 number is @1790
  2. 1)What is your first name? Kingsley2)What is your in-game name? StrafeY3)How old are you? 144)For what server do you apply? Xenia Deathrun (ninja_dr)5)What is your B3 number? (that is the system which you use the commands in-game) @17906)Do you have Steam? yes (StrafeY): http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198194648605/7)What makes you a good admin? I was an admin before on Test-Admin, also I am nice to people and I greet welcoming people, plus I follow all rules on Xenia Deathrun.8)Have you ever been a admin before, if yes then which clan or community was it: Xenia Deathrun (Community)9)If no then the question is, in which clan or communities have you been?10)What for skills do you have: Well, my first one I guess being decent at Deathrun, I play football/soccer sometimes but I'm not bad, but I'm good, so I guess i'm ok.11)Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be a admin:Most people from Xenia Deathrun will know me, and some for those people may be banned or just got bored of Xenia Deathrun. Some of those people would of just said Yes, and some would of said no due to how I warn people over the right rules. I think I should be admin because I welcome new palyers when there is one and greet players joining the server, I also follow the rules correctly, I used to not follow some of them but that was ages ago. Just some info: I was Sergeant before but I abused the speed and gravity just because it was new to me, I ruined the game experience of others for two maps, but some enjoyed it. Some people woldn't dare admitting this, but now i'm ready for Sergeant if I get it, speed and gravity will only be used when it's only me in the server. If you are thinking about giving me sergeant, thanks:) Thank you for reading my application.
  3. I'm going on Holiday For a Week

    I just woke up at the time lel, will do next time:P
  4. I'm going on Holiday For a Week

    I will be back a week today (the day this post gets uploaded) I am goingto be inactive since I am going on holiday, I wont be able to come on the Xenia if needed. Hope I am not needed, thank you:) Have Fun Everyone! Goodbye!
  5. Thanks To Everyone Who Is a Good Member of Xenia:) Thanks to you, Admin's are having an easier job, the only warns or kicks I have to do now is for glitching, and that is a simple thing to sort out:) So Many thanks from [Xenia]StrafeY -You're daily Admin thing that you see on Ninja_dr everyday. Tip: Don't Change You're Name To An Admin's Name, Because If They Find Out, You Could Be Banned Or Temp-Banned.
  6. StrafeY is now active

    [Xenia]StrafeY, is me.. Anyway I am active now I was inactive because I couldn't really do much, my old PC had 1-20 FPS, which was bad, no clue why I did but I tried my hardest to stay active as of being in the Xenia Community. I would like to say that I am going to be on this server (Xenia Deathrun) a lot more than I was, I will be on it at least everyday, for at least 1-2 hours, making sure everyone is doing the right thing, as an admin on the website, I can't do much, but tell people what the right rules are. If anyone who is level 20 admin or above wants to help me contact me at strafey@icloud.com this is the email that anyone can contact me on, thank you for reading this, and have a good day!
  7. anyone want to play Doom n PS4?

    my PSN is TheBlueMyst on PS4 and i will be playing Doom, 15th June 2016! QUCIK! THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR 4 PEOPLE!
  8. Request For Trust Admin ♥

    I didn't say he was I said 'I believe' honestly, it's because I haven't really seen Shángdi before until I was active again:)
  9. Admin Application.

    Congratz! You made it to trial admin<3
  10. Request For Trust Admin ♥

    Teairon I believe was a member of Xenia before you even came here:)
  11. You Probaly Know me, StrafeY

    HAI! I'm StrafeY! I'm a good member to this community, I am always happy to answer your questions, if you know me well enough you will be called NUB.. Like Sharky:P but in a horrible way, I really do all love you lot! Especially when you have this tag on.. [Xenia]Name It is really fun to have:P So any of you who know StrafeY Animations, you are here reading his Topic! Hope youguys get to know me better in game! CYA THERE!
  12. SHould I just apply again?

    So, I got told by BosnianArmy that if I was active enough I would get admin back. So I was wondering... If I just applied again, would it work? or would the application just get deleted? If it would get deleted then please tell me and I will just wait until it is back, til then BAI BAI! Edit: Please, DO NOT take this the wrong way! I'm not desperate for admin..
  13. Application for admin

    I vote yes! You are a good player in the server, and when I come on then you are always on:P