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  1. Introduction

  2. Introduction

  3. admin

    Thx bro
  4. admin

    Noo.. Why I can't reply I have seen other admin application that they reply.. Not fair
  5. admin

    thank you bro <3
  6. admin

  7. admin

    sure i changed it on server to NinjaCa can i change it here?on the site?
  8. Introduction

    hi guys my name is servet tzepa i live in greece with eonomical problems .but that not maters i dont know what to say i liked this server and i decided to stay from now on i will be evry day online.but..sometimes i wont be online because i will have to study i hope you guys like me
  9. admin

    HI BOSNIA of course i will change name but i want a good name can i just put a dot ? like Ninja. ? Or a different name?
  10. admin

  11. admin

    1)What is your first name? : Servet2)What is your in-game name? : Ninja3)How old are you? : 174)For what server do you apply? : Deathrun5)What is your B3 number? (that is the system which you use the commands in-game) : how do i find this?6)Do you have Steam? Yup Of course ! : NO7)What makes you a good admin? : i like to help new players when the first play in xenia8)Have you ever been a admin before, if yes then which clan or community was it: yea i was vip its like admin on xm server:)9)If no then the question is, in which clan or communities have you been? i had been on xm,tex,pxg.10)What for skills do you have: i am good sometimes and bad sometimes 11)Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be a admin:i like helping new people and i think that i am good because in other servers i have never baned anyone i just warn them.
  12. Admin Application Form

    can you help me i am kinda confused i dont know how to apply