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  1. #10th Tournament Results!!!

    Congratz to David
  2. 10th Tournament Announcement (starting 08-09-2017)

    +1 but is here problem if i miss 10.9?
  3. Simson glitz

    its true. and he did it more times on more maps.
  4. do i apply for admin GhostToLaneAlex

    copy paste nice i swear werry nice !!!nice!!!
  5. Admin apply

    but player deleted vote
  6. Admin apply

  7. RasLaBoN hacker!!!

    Idk i just report what i saw doig bad thing or something of this...
  8. Fully off topic

  9. RasLaBoN hacker!!!

    No its not cuz he did on other places also on me. Admins will decide.
  10. #9th Tournament Results!!!

    GG dark but im happy cuz u tell me name of roccat you have ty and congratz bro.
  11. Admin apply

    i tough amnesias have lvl 20. but its okay.thanks for support.
  12. Admin apply

    1) What is your first name ? Jaka Spevan 2) What is your in-game name ? jaka34 3) How old are you ? 15 4) For which position do you wish to apply ? Admin (lvl 20) 5) What is your B3 (Command System used on our servers) number ? @3408 6) What makes you a good admin ? I'd like to become admin and help the server peoples. I'd like to controll hackers and other bad peoples, i'll warn them and kick if will you allow me. 7) Have you ever been an admin before, if yes then which clan(s) or community? yes i was in DJS and WiB* . 8) If no then the question is, in which clan(s) or communit(ies)y have you been ? and 1 clan name f'F ( forius fighters). 9) Give us any reason why we should choose you, why do you want to be an admin ? i want to be admin to help peoples, to protect server, im also learning from my mistakes. thanks for reading my apply.
  13. RasLaBoN hacker!!!

    1st timehe did on me, but my recorder was closed so i dont have screenshot. but after that i open my recorder and recordedhim killing activator. you cant see activator, i also turn off my fullbright and still cant see activator. By jaka34 iw3mp 2017-07-26 14-55-22-348.avi