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  1. Regular convos with Davidian

    aahahahah this one is epic
  2. Good that those secrets dosent take anymore end the map its pretty good as now normal way is not time waste at all ^^
  3. not bad at all ^^ but this fps woop woop
  4. booom boom shakala make it donee ^^
  5. Raidokaze iz a smellie gei lil bab

    +1 From me as well ^^
  6. Admin application : Vic

    hmm yeap u has been admin like million times. and the thing is that u are not that active. or i havent seen u again like for age. so yeap. wont vote or anything now. i will check now your activity for week or so and lets look then. Edit: huh yea for 70 u need at least everyday activity. so yeap.
  7. Cfgs aint working

    hola. yea u can put it at main or at your profile then u open your game and type at console exec and configname and it will work so like /exec orkis.cfg and i prefer rename your config to something else than config.cfg like asimakis.cfg or something ^^
  8. yeah nice work with map ^^ but have to say no your pc didnt lose power for compiling it. there was something wrong and u can alwasy see what it was. game is still guys 10 years old. so even handtop can compile stuff for this u need only 4gb rams for it so yeah its something else ^^ (and here we are even speaking low memory which are DDR2) and pretty sure u all have at least 3. (Aka made for DDR2 this game so sometimes tools can even fuck with u. as saying virtual NULL(aka mem) problems etc thats fixed with pc restart) and tip dont go try to use 1.8 for mapping or anything its 2 much modet even for the game.
  9. Greetings! Our Christmas Tournament has come to an end, and points have been counted. First of all we would like to announce, that due to requests from players, we removed necessity to play for all 3 days, and ALL people who signed up, will be counted in points, and will take part in prize-giving. Here are our 3 lucky winners; 1st, DarkSTEP ( Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege ) 2nd, Fish Da Rekter ( Call Of Duty Black Ops II ) 3rd, (shared place) Asimakis, Druglord ( optional, noclip/pickup, lasting 1week, for BOTH servers ) Also, We promised something Extra for all participants, so, we decided to give NOCLIP for ALL players who did +1, and that will be given on 23rd of december (saturday) and it will last whole day (00.00 - 00.00) Thank you Everyone, who took a part in our Christmas Tournament, it was a Blast! Finally, here is all players points/rankings 1#DarkSTEP (Xp gained = 34877) (Kills = 12) (timerecords = x2) Total points: 19p 2#Fish Da Rekter (Xp gained = 24025) (kills = 8) (headshotrecords = x2)(timerecords = x2) total points: 18p 3#Asimakis/Druglord (Xp gained = 17475) (kills = 10) (headshotrecords = x1) Total points: 13p, (Xp gained = 32170) (kills = 10) Total points: 13p Maris (Xp gained = 25965) (kills = 8) (headshotrecords = x1) total points: 12p BMW M5 (Xp gained = 20590) (kills = 8) total points: 10p oCm Akos (Xp gained =18220 ) (kills = 7) total points: 8p Davidian (Xp gained = 10220) (kills = 4) (headshotrecords = x1) total points: 7p DABBIEDUCK (Xp gained = 6050) 0p Ovecka (Xp gained = 1400) total points: 0p Vic (Xp gained = 50) Total points 0p Danny total points: 0p Death total points: 0p Alex total points: 0p Kind Regards, Xenia-Community
  10. Christmas Tournament!!

    Greetings! It has come time for another DEATHRUN TOURNAMENT! We are allready feeling the Christmas Spirit, so this tournament will be special. First thing which is different, we will be hosting this one in Xenia Deathrun. (Ip: Second thing Special, is our Prizes! We will be rewarding Three of our Best Players, and prizes are; 1st; Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 2nd; Call of Duty Black Ops II 3rd Pickup or Noclip, for Both of our servers (lasting 1 week) 1st and 2nd prizes are keycodes to be used in Steam. In the case Winner allready has those games, doesn't want them, or doesn't have Steam, he will get to pick from our normal prizes. (noclip vipmenu pickup) We also have something Extra planned for our participants, which we will revealed later. Tournament will be hosted on, 15-17th of december and Time will be, 20:00 gmt +1 Rules for this Tournament are same as always, So make sure to throw those +1's, to get the chance to be our Lucky Winner! ( U NEED to play atleast All 3 DAYS!, or you wont be counted in final points, and wont be able to win prizes also.) Kind Regards Xenia-Gaming community
  11. Christmas Tournament!!

    If im clear now. its for u at 19:00. as im not at all familiar with pm's or am's those are like usa time periods so in my calculates if u have london time its 7:00pm but cant be sure totaly as i did say ^^