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  2. NEW End-Songs in GunGame

    Voting has been closed, the new end-songs are: R3HAB & Skytech - Everything ALVARO, Lil Jon & JETFIRE - Vegas Cartoon - On & On ft. Daniel Levi 0YAL & KAL EL - POP That Shit Dance With The Dead - Riot
  3. Admin application

    I agree with @OrK!DeA. Like to see more activity on (specificaly) the CoD4 Servers.
  4. NEW End-Songs in GunGame

    I've added 3/5 of the above songs to the votes (left out ATB- Ecstasy and Major Lazer - Be Together (Vanic Remix) is already in the votes) by replacing 3 unpopular songs. (Forced to replacing unpopular songs because there is a limit of 20 votes)
  5. Map Suggestions

    I tested and added the following maps to the maprotation: mp_shipmentx2 mp_c4s_minecraft mp_mw2_term mp_poolday_reunion mp_bazaar mp_highrise mp_shipment3
  6. NEW End-Songs in GunGame

    Added some of the suggested songs (5/10) to the votes.
  7. //VOTING CLOSED 5 (out of 20) most popular/most voted Songs will be added to GunGame. CLICK on the name of a song to listen ! Please SELECT EVERY SONG YOU LIKE before pressing "Submit Vote"
  8. Improvements topic

    1: Agreed, we can make a vote-topic here on the forum about the songs that people would like to hear. 2: Already exists: press B6 while playing for Music Menu.. i'm aware of the fact that music stops when leveling up and will fix it soon. 3: Please elaborate on the functions you guys would like to see in this menu ! 4: Agreed, we can also make a vote-topic here on the forum about the maps people would like to see in GunGame rotation. 5: I'm not sure yet if i'll change buttonsize, can be reconsidered when the mod-updates that i have planned are done. 6: Already exists: press B4 while playing for Player Menu (includes fullbright, filmtweaks, Laser, 3d person, suicide). And press B5 for Fovscale Menu.
  9. Colonel Frost Admin Application

    #declined because of inactivity.
  10. Fully off topic

  11. Fully off topic