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  1. New Discord Server

    Hi everyone, i'm proud to announce that now Xenia Gaming has a Discord server too! You can join it by clicking this link:CLICK HERE Best regards, DarkSTEP
  2. Raidokaze iz a smellie gei lil bab

    +1 for 40 m9
  3. Merry christmas to the whole Deathrun community! Today i'm here to publish my 3rd dr map. It has a MEDIUM-HARD difficulty due to its special feature: every 17 seconds (or 14 if the speed is higher than 190) the whole map floor will drop, except for few safe zones marked with red lines. Your goal is to get onto them when the timer on the upper part of the screen is getting close to 0. The map has 5 rooms: -Sniper -Knife -Jump -Deagle -GAP (Strafe) There are no secrets so don't waste time searching for them. Sorry but i found it useless as the main goal of the map is making you finish with the drop too. If you find any bugs feel free to report them on Steam: DarkSTEP (same picture as here) Hope you will enjoy my present! Download link:CLICK HERE
  4. Admin application : Vic

    +1 for 40 rank, gl
  5. DarkSTEP is op

  6. Christmas Tournament!!

    +1 ehehe
  7. Map Suggestions

    Possible map to test: Toujane_night firingrange_v2 (both from black ops 1) hanoi modern_rust ghostcity deadcity blindside after_tchernobyl valle d’aosta (don’t know the exact map name) COLEBROOK Isla_Volcan LunaII Skyline +default cod4 maps that are not already in rotation (to prevent double maps like backlot and backlot snow) and also update poolparty to the newest 1.1 version
  8. Improvements topic

    -invert humiliation and level down sounds and replace the current humiliation one with the black ops humiliation one -remove the bottom left bar and add a circle that shows your ingame position like black ops (example) -add a wager system (when you finish from 1st to 3rd you get X amount of money depending on players’ choices(ofc higher for first places) but at least 80% of players must vote yes to make a game a wager match (because the loosers would loose the betmoney). A good way to do this would be increase the strat time a bit and add a simple quick vote system for the wager there.This money could eventually be spent in future for buying custom skins, characters etc. obviously new players would start with a basic amount of money and they could eventually get more depending on the numbers of days in a row they connect (so they can’t get stuckto 0) -put the level 4 gun at place of the msmc and replace this last one with the RE45 automatic pistol, replace the chicom and the ripper due to their extreme weakness and add the BF4 bow as final weapon (after crossbow or before a possible ballistic knife) -add prestige mode with few unique characters depending on which prestige you reach (i would stich to 3-5 prestiges atm due to mod heaviness and slow levelling up) -double xp with more than 6 players and triple with 10 -speed up a bit the reload of L96 and DSR
  9. Keraye's Application

    You just need to wait few minutes so teamspeak can see you're a real person
  10. NEW End-Songs in GunGame

    Audiovista - Kick it DJ Snake & Skrillex - Sahara (SickStrophe Cover Remix) ATB - Ecstasy Martin Garrix - Now That I'Ve Found You (Dropwizz X Savagez Trap Remix) Major Lazer - Be Toghether (Vanic Remix)
  11. Improvements topic

    final xp drop depending on your K/D for everyone (ofc lower than the win one) slightly higher speed at 3 deaths and extra damage after 5 replace the phyton with mw2 magnum barrett as 24th gun and l96 as old barrett one different prestiges which unlocks a different custom gun skin each adding the SHUT DOWN shotout too when a killing streak gets ended (maybe giving 2 points when rampage or unstoppable gets stopped)
  12. Fully off topic