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  1. Simson glitz

  2. Fully off topic

  3. Fully off topic

    gosh who came up with winter masks...
  4. Fully off topic

  5. Fully off topic

  6. Fully off topic

    what do u mean... is that normal or smth...? smh im confuso
  7. Fully off topic

    my dad went to store at 3 o'clock and hasn't returned for 13 years... should i be worried orrrrr?
  8. Fully off topic

    look at the time.. am i dumb and its normal... or should i be worried...?
  9. Fully off topic

    why i like this music... should.. i be.. worried....?
  10. Fully off topic

    wat ze fak is that dark 0.o
  11. Admin Application~Asimakis

    yes no need to read
  12. Fully off topic

  13. Fully off topic

  14. Music thread

    i don wan frends i want audis, yah, skr skr bauw