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  1. Fully off topic

  2. Fully off topic

  3. Beach room (Sniper) (Water doesnt kill but had problem earlier of droppin out of map before, fixed now) With Fullbright aswell so it shows some things better
  4. new fx for trap activating locationshttps://gyazo.com/208ce5eb2057cb2dc8fb1f26df90de1a( can see both versions on/off fullbright )
  5. Made new vision files (Does require more lighting so shit wont be black in every place) Also since my inspiration of the whole picture is getting smaller and also the time that I got to make it is shrinked to half an hour a day due to exams (Driving School) and school days from 8 til almost 6 Feel free to post a reply below of your ideas for stuff
  6. Sneak peak images of current project fileStartHard way start And ofc long map as it is, will have secrets Easy Secret (Thanks kris) Also will include custom stuff (cant give out many details yet but can say only one thing at the moment. Sniper with red dot sight) And for the fun part. All this is taking already pretty decant time to build Credits where credits are due :D
  7. Raidokaze iz a smellie gei lil bab

    +1 Good Luck!!