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  2. Finished my first deathrun map,Big thanks to: Lifezor(He helped with correcting .gsc and he made the sounds work propertly and helped with many more stuffs) Download link:Click here!!! Do not hate D: I´m noob at making mapsatm and there is really much to learn
  3. Greetings to everybody ! We are hosting our 3th Tournament, this will start Friday the 6th of January, 06.01.2017 - 08.01.2017. New maps will be played each day. Starting time (for the 6th, 7th and 8th of January) is 21:00 PM UTC/GMT +1:00 Tournaments will be hosted at Xenia's Deathrun (, timetables and starting time will always be anounced based on UTC/GMT +1:00. Most of the communication will be through TEAMSPEAK (ts3.Xenia-Gaming.net) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- !Players with VIP MENU are NOT ALLOWED to use the spawn and spawn all function during the Tournament! ! ANYONE NOT PLAYING ALONG THE RULES WILL GET KICKED FROM THE TOURNAMENT ! >>>CLICK HERE to read the RULES<<< -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We decided to organize tournaments and everybody is welcome to play and have fun. In the very beginning we will host the tournaments at weekends, but if we reach enough players then we might host tournaments mid-week too. There will be a 'best player price', this also means that there will always be a Staff Member hosting the tournament. They will make sure that everyone is playing in agreement with the rules. They will as well, make final screenshots at every end of a map and tournament. Every tournament lasts the whole weekend, but is limited to 3 maps per day. You will receive points from activated traps, kills, and fastest time of the map as following: KILL: > 1 point ACTIVATED TRAP: per 10.000 XP > 1 point FASTEST TIME: > 2 points HEADSHOT RECORD: > 2 points There will be 3 special rounds, these will always be the last 3 rounds of every map, this might give you a lucky shot There will also be winner rewards. The rewards are VIP MENU , NOCLIP and PICKUP at Xenia's Deathrun. After we have reached the limit of 16 active players, we will give away rewards for every 3 best players. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SIGN IN BY REPLYING '+1' BELOW THIS TOPIC Time, date and any other changes will be announced through updates at the top of this topic, or via replies from our Staff Members. Kind Regards and Good Luck Xenia-Community