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  1. Greetings! Our Christmas Tournament has come to an end, and points have been counted. First of all we would like to announce, that due to requests from players, we removed necessity to play for all 3 days, and ALL people who signed up, will be counted in points, and will take part in prize-giving. Here are our 3 lucky winners; 1st, DarkSTEP ( Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege ) 2nd, Fish Da Rekter ( Call Of Duty Black Ops II ) 3rd, (shared place) Asimakis, Druglord ( optional, noclip/pickup, lasting 1week, for BOTH servers ) Also, We promised something Extra for all participants, so, we decided to give NOCLIP for ALL players who did +1, and that will be given on 23rd of december (saturday) and it will last whole day (00.00 - 00.00) Thank you Everyone, who took a part in our Christmas Tournament, it was a Blast! Finally, here is all players points/rankings 1#DarkSTEP (Xp gained = 34877) (Kills = 12) (timerecords = x2) Total points: 19p 2#Fish Da Rekter (Xp gained = 24025) (kills = 8) (headshotrecords = x2)(timerecords = x2) total points: 18p 3#Asimakis/Druglord (Xp gained = 17475) (kills = 10) (headshotrecords = x1) Total points: 13p, (Xp gained = 32170) (kills = 10) Total points: 13p Maris (Xp gained = 25965) (kills = 8) (headshotrecords = x1) total points: 12p BMW M5 (Xp gained = 20590) (kills = 8) total points: 10p oCm Akos (Xp gained =18220 ) (kills = 7) total points: 8p Davidian (Xp gained = 10220) (kills = 4) (headshotrecords = x1) total points: 7p DABBIEDUCK (Xp gained = 6050) 0p Ovecka (Xp gained = 1400) total points: 0p Vic (Xp gained = 50) Total points 0p Danny total points: 0p Death total points: 0p Alex total points: 0p Kind Regards, Xenia-Community