Amnesia's Deathrun Tournament, General Information !

By gENZ,
TOURNAMENTS WILL NOT BE HOSTED ON THE REGULAR DEATHRUN SERVER, BUT ON Amnesia's Deathrun Tournament SERVER ( / ) This server is also available on the Portal ! Every tournament lasts 3 days, but is limited to 3 maps per day.   ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   !!! VIP MENU WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE DURING THE TOURNAMENT !!! !!! BUNNYHOP PLUGIN WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE DURING THE TOURNAMENT !!! !!! ANYONE NOT PLAYING ALONG THE RULES WILL GET KICKED FROM THE TOURNAMENT !!! >>>CLICK HERE to read the RULES<<<   MOST OF THE COMMUNICATION WILL GO THROUGH TEAMSPEAK ( There will be a special round, every map has 10 rounds and the last round (10) will be a special round.   ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   You will receive points for KILLS, ACTIVATED TRAPS, FASTEST TIME RECORDS and HEADSHOT RECORDS: KILL: > 1 point ACTIVATED TRAP: per 10.000 XP > 1 point FASTEST TIME RECORD: > 2 points   HEADSHOT RECORD: > 2 points   There will also be winner rewards. The rewards are VIP MENU , NOCLIP and PICKUP at Amnesia's Deathrun. After we have reached the limit of 16 active players, we will give away rewards for every 3 best players, if the limit hasn't been reached there will only be a price for the (#1) best player.   /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   SIGNING UP needs to be done in the correct "Tournament Announcement" topic ! (These topics will ALWAYS be posted in the Xenia-Gaming News section of our Forum) ! SIGNED UP players will receive a Private Message on the Forum an hour before start, cointaing the Tournament Server password !   Please, ONLY SIGN UP IF you are sure you are available for at least 2 out of 3 days POINTS OF PLAYERS WHO HAVE PLAYED LESS THAN 2 (OUT OF 3) DAYS WILL NOT COUNT FOR THE RESULTS AND PRICES whoever signes up (+1) but does not join, WILL NOT BE ABLE to participate in the next tournament   Kind Regards and Good Luck Xenia-Community